What are unit testing tools used when we code typescript.

What is the best and most efficient?


In my search to unit-test in TypeScript I found The Intern most interesting as you can also write the tests in actual TypeScript instead of JavaScript. I most say that I haven't really used it in production, just some small experiments as proof of concept.

Here is an article explaining how to use it combined with TypeScript: https://www.sitepen.com/blog/2015/03/24/testing-typescript-with-intern/

Looks pretty promising when you are using TypeScript and you are looking for a unit-testing setup that supports source maps.

Example test:

import registerSuite = require('intern!object');
import assert = require('intern/chai!assert');
// Assume that we now have a version of our model in TypeScript:
import SimpleTodoModel = require('todo/model/SimpleTodoModel');

    name: 'SimpleTodoModel',
    // Assume we have a promises interface defined
    'default data'() {
        var emptyModel = new SimpleTodoModel(),
            id:string = emptyModel.get('id'),
            length:number = emptyModel.get('todos').length,
            incomplete:number = emptyModel.get('incomplete'),
            complete:number = emptyModel.get('complete');
        assert.strictEqual(id, 'todos-dojo',
                    'Id should default to "todos-dojo"');
        assert.strictEqual(length, 0,
                    'Todos array should default to an empty array.');
        assert.strictEqual(incomplete, 0,
                    'Incomplete count should default to 0.');
        assert.strictEqual(complete, 0,
                    'Incomplete count should default to 0.');
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