Here is file attachment and than import script I am getting the following error

 Action.c(128): Error -26488: Could not obtain information about submitted file "C:\Users\domix\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\Credit_Report\Aaron IMPORTER.htm": _stat32 rc=-1, errno=2 [No such file or directory]. Using an empty file      [MsgId: MERR-26488]

"Name=name", "Value=Aaron IMPORTER.htm", ENDITEM, 
"Name=chunk", "Value=0", ENDITEM, 
"Name=chunks", "Value=1", ENDITEM, 
"Name=file", "Value=Aaron IMPORTER.htm", "File=Yes", ENDITEM, 

Please explain how to correct this error (This is where I am upload the file and importing it into system)

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As mentioned in the forum post, LoadRunner captures any form based file uploads as web_submit_data with the file name (and location) within the list of data within the request. An example request:

    "Name=File", "Value=C:\\testdata\\readme1.txt", "File=yes", ENDITEM,
    LAST);[enter link description here][1]

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