I an getting the error while running the script for the default magento checkout. The rest of the script is working properly but on checkout getting 403 error. I am not getting why it is happening. So anyone can help me.

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    Please add the error details and the script you're using. Without this no one would be able to check or tell why the error is creeping up. Commented Dec 29, 2015 at 11:28

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HTTP Response code 403 stands for Forbidden, the most likely your login attempt did not succeeded or application expects some parameter.

Add View Results Tree listener and inspect requests and responses to detect if they match your expectations.

For successful logging into a Magento application you need the following:

For instance, "good" CSS/JQuery Extractor configuration to get form_key value will look like:

Magento form_key

Refer extracted value as ${FORM_KEY} where required.

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