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Getting this error. I am using the 3rd method from https://blazemeter.com/blog/how-load-test-ajaxxhr-enabled-sites-jmeter I have added the executable file in blazemeter-ajax-sampler-1.0-SNAPSHOT in lib/Ext What should i do to work it properly. Can I work with it without using blazemeter Again I checked with Listner View Tree and Found as in fig. enter image description here

I am using Example Sampler to handle ajax requests. I have added one get method, url and value. I want to parameterise some string in the url. If I run the script without parameterising the string in the url it works. But it fails when I parameterised it. Can you please help? Please let me know if you need more information.

How to pass values(format) for Post method??

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Also wanted to know how to add values In example sampler??

  • Can you attach an image of the complete test plan....?
    – Faiz
    Jan 4, 2016 at 14:01

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The mentioned sampler isn't a real AJAX plugin, you can use it as a reference for building your own sampler.

In order to see the request details you need to do the following changes in source code:

If it is ok for you to use the sampler in its current state - you can find request details in jmeter.log file

See How to debug your Apache JMeter script article for more tips on troubleshooting JMeter test.

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