Anybody know how I can get a fake test account for a Banking Website without consulting the bank?

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    You'll want to contact the bank and have them set up an account for you. – Swagin9 Jan 14 '16 at 19:26
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    Are you looking for username/password account, or just test account numbers? – Swagin9 Jan 14 '16 at 21:39

There are various possibilities out there. Fake credit card numbers are reserved especially for testing.

Paypal has some online info on how to handle testing.

Mangopay has a sandbox also supporting bank account numbers. Likewise Checkfront has a special gateway.

Google also has special support for testing Google Play transactions without actually transferring money, as has Apple.

If you need to test against a custom api of a single bank they should have something similar for you.

Good luck!

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