I am using TestNG and Selenium webdriver via Java.

Is there any tool that can help generate detailed test results, for example, suppose I have a test case that fails more often than not, is there a tool that can statistically report those test cases that fail more often than the others like in a graph, or pie chart, etc?


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XL Testview

Have a look at XL Testview from XebiaLabs.

Test analytics and decision support that spans testing tools

  • See all your test results in one single dashboard
  • Analyze test results across multiple test tools
  • Track release metrics and quality trends over time
  • Use real-time quality data to make the best go/no-go release decisions

I havent used it, but seems to track results over time. Seems pretty interesting.

Test Result Analyzer

Or have a look a the Test Result Analyzer plugin for Jenkins.

Many of us have a requirement of knowing the execution status of a test package , test class or test-method across multiple builds. This plugin is an implementation of the said requirement and shows a table containing the executions status of a package,class or a test-method across builds.

This plugin supports jUnit and TestNG results sets. Looks like the minimum you want and it is free. :)


ATUT Reporter help you provide bar chart and graph, you just need to add listeners in your class. go through this link


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