Need to automate C++ application testing on Web, Mobile (iOS, Android) and Desktop (Windows, OSX and maybe Linux). Searching for open source tools only and automated tests will be written using Java. The web is good to go with Selenium WebDriver, Mobile with Appium and Desktop Windows with Winium.Desktop. Does anybody know what tool can be used for Desktop C++ app automation on Windows, OSX and maybe Linux?

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    Does the application use a UI framework? Generic, cross-platform GUI automation is a tough one . . . if you only need command line, STAF/STAX works really well.
    – ernie
    Feb 6, 2016 at 23:00

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For Windows I recommend AutoIt You can either record interaction with UI elements or directly write automation scripts with their Basic-like scripting language.


You can try sikulix. It uses computer vision to recognize images on a screen. It finds images you save and then calculates the coordinates of the image on the screen to interact with it.

It is written in Java and has windows, linux and mac distributions.


I would suggest using LDTP cobra. which is robust and reliable. You can also try python (PywinAuto.class), both are open source.


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