I have always tried to improve my test coverage as a black-box tester. Still, I believe that I need to improve my ability to generate practical and highly-usable ideas to test better so that I find serious bugs easily.

What are some models, theories, heuristics that have really helped you to find any kind of bug in any web-application. Kindly share some black-box testing heuristics for an enterprise web application.

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This question has been asked many times before on this forum. So you should try to research a bit before adding this question.

Take a look at

  • Here where there is a list of good thinking tools and techniques mentioned for improving your practical thinking ability.
  • You can start by reading the number of books mentioned here
  • You can also follow many of the points mentioned here

However, as I have mentioned here, doing proper analysis and research, is the best tool for a tester, something which you seemed to have missed here (not a rant in any way).


Try to break every functionality, just think how break every section this point is call test case and defiantly it will help you