I have list of elements of specific type, I want to swipe one of this element right or left, How i can do this using appium ?
I know i can use driver.Swipe(); to swipe in appium but how to use to swipe specific element ?
My list of elements is
var contacts = driver.FindElements(By.ClassName("android.widget.ImageView")); contacts[7].Click();
How can I swipe element contacts[7] to right or left?

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The code below is taken from the test suite for the Appium C# bindings. Basically, you use the element's coordinates as a starting point for the swipe. The only thing you need to know is the target coordinates for the swipe. Of course, if you just want to swipe in a specific direction you can hardcode the coordinates.

[Test ()]
public void ComplexTouchActionTestCase ()
    IList<AppiumWebElement> els = driver.FindElementsByClassName ("android.widget.TextView");
    var loc1 = els [7].Location;
    AppiumWebElement target = els[1];
    var loc2 = target.Location;
    driver.Swipe (loc1.X, loc1.Y, loc2.X, loc2.Y, 800); //this action includes almost all touch actions
    Assert.AreNotEqual(loc2.Y, target.Location.Y);

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