I want to work with cookies in my project, I don't know what will be the Test Scenario and Test Cases for it.
Please help.


You can try following scenarios:

  1. Disabling cookies: Disable all cookies and attempt to use the site's major functions

  2. Corrupting cookies: Manually edit the cookie in notepad and change the parameters with some random values

  3. Cookies encryption: Sensitive information like passwords and usernames should be encrypted before it is sent to our computer

  4. Cookie testing with multiple browser: Check your website page is writing the cookies properly on different browser as expected

  5. Checking the deletion from your web application page:

  6. Selectively rejecting cookies: Delete all the cookies for the websites and see how the website reacts to it

  7. Access to cookies: Cookies written by one website should not be accessible by others

  8. No overuse of cookies: If the application under test is a public website, there should not be overuse of cookies

  9. Testing with different setting: Testing should be done properly to check that website is working well with different cookie setting

  10. Categorize cookies separately: Cookies should not be kept in the same category of the viruses, spam or spyware

    - Source guru99

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