I am trying to address JavaObject (JPanel) by means of descriptive programming (DP)

JavaWindow("label:=some label").JavaDialog("title:=some title").JavaObject([descriptor])

I checked existence of JavaWindow(...).JavaDialog(...) block and it returned True, but all I did to get JavaObject was in vain (tried different descriptors and their combination like "attached text", "toolkit class", "text") JavaObject did return False on .Exist(0) check

JPanel (JavaObject) in Object Spy

When I added JPanel to object repository (OR) and tried to access it by means of OR everything was fine (mistake on the pic OR & DP highlights in code misplaced, and they are pointed the right way on the Watch panel):

access by OR and by DP

Does anyone know is it possible to address JavaObject by DP?


The solution that works for me now is set of properties: toolkit class & attached text.

Till now I tested this set of descriptors with toolkit class of JavaObject:

  • JEllipsisTextField
  • JRootPane

Even some objects in sequence could be omitted.

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