I'm interested in debugging my browser session and I found that it is possible to save HTTP requests with their answers to a file using captureNetworkTraffic in json format.

But I can't find any doc or working samples to do so. The only thing I found that selenium.selenium is a part v.1 API, in the current version (v.2) I should use webdriver. webdriver API doesn't have captureNetworkTraffic option or something like this.

I've found a java sample but it is too old (maybe v.1 used) and it requires to run some server. Another one sample doesn't work for me - I receive error: [Errno 111] Connection refused and I don't understand it. What selenium should be connected to on localhost:4444? The server mentioned in the first sample?

I've tried to do a hack driver.execute("captureNetworkTraffic", {"type":"json"}), but it doesn't work either. Also I can't find a string captureNetworkTraffic in chromedriver's sources.

So, is it possible to dump requests and responses without using proxy?

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