I have a background as a developer, but have been working on test automation here in the UK for the last years. I work a lot with Java, Webdriver and Jenkins/continuous deivery - but I am very interested in "switching" career to more devops since I already love and work with automation.

How do you make such a transition and where do you begin?


Generally I would consider some of the key requirements for an entry level position to be

  • background as a developer
  • experience with OO such as Java
  • practical experience with automation
  • familiarity with CI and Jenkins
  • enthusiasm about devops

In other words, you are already qualified.

If you wish to have a more mid-level or senior position then you will have to study / be questioned about / be knowledge in

  • Servers, flavors and capabilities
  • Unix, linux, osx, windows
  • Shell scripting
  • Packaging and deploying applications
  • Release and Change management
  • Monitor tools for performance and end user experience

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