I have seen that Protractor tests can be run with a Mobile Setup as described in Protractor Documentation, but this means you are running the tests on emulators. What I would like to accomplish is having the Protractor tests running in real mobile devices.

I cannot find any clue if this is possible and how can I do it. I am currently testing a website, so I use Protractor for automate an smoke and regression test. It would be very useful if I can use the same tests over different browsers and physical mobile devices that we already have on our company to test manually.

Does anybody use Protractor in that way?


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I would suggest looking into running your tests on browserstack, or another site with similar capabilities. https://www.browserstack.com/automate/capabilities

Here is some info to get you up and running: http://www.blog.wishtack.com/single-post/2015/05/07/Cross-Browser-Testing-test-automation-with-Protractor-and-Browserstack.

Hope this helps.

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