I am working on selenium project with Jenkins + Maven + Selenium + TestNG

I have following questions.

  1. Can I execute selenium test cases in Jenkins by launching browsers?
    Currently it gets executed without browser.

If yes, how can I achieve this?

  1. Ideally what Maven goal is set for build execution.
  2. By default test report is saved in projectfolder/target/surefire-reports/. How can I change this location?
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    Retitled (from "doubts about Maven...") to first point to be a better question for the community. I would make the 2nd and 3rd points different question as we'd like questions to be general enough to be more applicable to others Feb 28, 2016 at 15:16

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  1. Can I execute selenium testcases in Jenkins by launch browsers (Currently it gets executed without browser :( . ), If yes then how can I achive this.

Depends on the operating system. For Linux, the Jenkins executor must have an X connection in order to start a browser. Either that, or you must use Selenium Grid to launch a browser on some other machine. See for example this article on Selenium Grid.

  1. Ideally what maven goal is set for build execution.


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