I am running a selenium server on my local machine and passing in a suite of selenese tests (the browser is being run on a virtual display with Xvfb)

java -jar ../automated-test-builder/selenium-server*.jar \
-port 4444 \
-timeout 7200 \
-browserTimeout 180 \
-htmlSuite "*firefox /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox"
http://testsite.com \
suite.html \

However no matter what I have tried with the -browserTimeout option I am still getting occasional timeout issues after 30000 ms (30seconds)? How can I increase the timeout for each action?


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Se2 experts suggest NOT USE IMPLICIT WAIT at all. Especially don't mix them with explicit waits.

Jim Evans is Se2 core team member so he should know.

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    the question was unrelated to selenium's implicit waits. Jan 28, 2017 at 23:27

-browserTimeout specifies the timeout before the browser closes after Selenium becomes idle. For example when your test ends, but you do not call driver.quit()

Both timeout and browsertimeout are documented at: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium/wiki/Grid2#configuring-timeouts-version-221-required

On the hub, setting the -timeout command line option to "30" seconds will ensure all resources are reclaimed 30 seconds after a client crashes. On the hub you can also set -browserTimeout 60 to make the maximum time a node is willing to hang inside the browser 60 seconds. This will ensure all resources are reclaimed slightly after 60 seconds. All the nodes use these two values from the hub if they are set. Locally set parameters on a single node has precedence, it is generally recommended not to set these timeouts on the node.

For shorting or enlarging wait times for elements have a look at Explicit Waits: http://www.seleniumhq.org/docs/04_webdriver_advanced.jsp You can set the wait timeout there per element you are searching for.

The WebDriver timeouts also do not let you override the default timeouts, do not confuse implicit wait for this. It is advised not to use implicit waits.


What about to set on the start of your selenese test set the setSpeed/setTimeout commands?

Command    | Target | Value 
setSpeed   | 3000
setTimeout | 50000

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