I have a problem with finding web elements in my web application. When I use Selenium IDE everything is ok, the element can be found. In Firebug or Chrome developer tools is ok as well (element is found by xpath). But when I use the same xpath expression in FirePath or FireFinder or WebDriver script (java) there are any element found. This is html code of example element:

<input id="btnWyloguj" class="Button80" type="submit" name="btnWyloguj" value="Wyloguj" style="background-color: rgb(212, 208, 200);">

and this is my xpath: //input[@id='btnWyloguj']
I tried css selectors as well and result is the same. Has anyone had similiar problem?

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I found the solution myself. As it turns out, elements I wanted to find was inside iframe tags. Iframe is like second inner document, but xpath can work only on 1 document. I used driver.switchTo().frame("frameId"); command and my webdriver script is working now.

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