we have a module in our architecture which checks a SFTP(server)directory for new transmitted XML files, validates them against XSD and if successful it takes the XML file from the directory and does something with it.

My question is now: What is a good/the best way to tests this module automically. I know I could create XML files and check them against an XSD in eclipse using JAXB. But I want to create something like this:

  • Design a set of XML files which fail/pass the XSD-Valiadation
  • Run these tests automically (Maven [/Jenkisn])

Whats the best way to do this? Putting the XML files in the test/ressources folder of the maven module and writing JUnitTests which reads the testXMLS and the XSD and checks them?

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I am not sure if you are the developer of the system or not but generally speaking it is the responsibility of the devs to write Unit Test (If you are a QA, remind them). Assuming that, as you mentioned "Design a set of XML files which fail/pass the XSD-Valiadation" is enough.

If you are interested in high-level test, then maybe you want to have a look at SOAP UI.

  • I'm somewhere in between dev and QA but more QA I think ;) It's good to see that my thoughts about Unit Tests seems a viable way but I dont think SOAP UI is a good way because of Continious Integration as even if it's possible to call SOAP UI via commandline or something like this I can then use java itself. I will accept your answer in a few days for the case then someone else maybe has another solution. But be sure that I daily visit SQA.SE
    – bish
    Commented Apr 4, 2016 at 17:27

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