I am not a tester, but SQL Developer. Can you advise me about more propper (in your opinion) way to make automatic testing of TSQL. I use SQL 2008R2 and SQL2012.

I see that there is only one or two such question, but they are old ('09 and '12). So is there some more advanced and newer way to make that?

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The most straightforward option seems to be using Microsoft Visual Studio. See How to: Create a Test Project for Database Unit Testing for details.

If you looking for a free open source standalone tool an alternative solution can be Apache JMeter. It provides JDBC Request Sampler so you will be able to execute arbitrary TSQL queries and define pass/fail criteria using Assertions. JMeter isn't shipped with any JDBC libraries so you'll have to download i.e. Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server or jTDS JDBC Driver and put it somewhere in JMeter's classpath ("lib" folder of your JMeter installation).

Moreover, JMeter is designed for load testing so you'll be able either to speed up your tests by running them in parallel or even test your SQL server instance performance. See Building a Database Test Plan and Debugging JDBC Sampler Results in JMeter articles for more detailed information.

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