I am performing API testing using Jmeter, we have a API request which require authentication.

When I make a call http://localhost:3001/city/latitude/longitude (GET method) it returns User is not authorized. And to get authorization you require to call http://localhost:3001/user (POST method) passing username in json format.

So, how can I make a authorized call on http://localhost:3001/city/latitude/longitude

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Depending on what kind of "authorization" you get by sending POST request to http://localhost:3001/user it might be:

  • some "token" which you need to add to request body
  • some Header which contains authorization data.
  • some Cookie which indicates whether user is authorized or not.

So in any case you need to design your test as follows:

  1. POST request to /user
    • Extract authorization bearer
  2. GET request to /city/lat/lon which has either token or authentication passed via HTTP Header Manager or HTTP Cookie Manager

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