UFT shows "The operation cannot be performed" message when setting cell data in Java Table:

JavaWindow("Name1").JavaDialog("Name2").JavaTable("Name3").SetCellData 8, 0, 1

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The problem in my case was in numeration of columns. I used 0 for the first column and received error. When numeration starts with 1 code runs just fine:

JavaWindow("Name1").JavaDialog("Name2").JavaTable("Name3").SetCellData 8, 1, 1

The same idea for GetCellData function.

EDIT: Application does not recognize state of checkbox (that it is checked) when it is set with SetCellData function (But checkbox looks like checked on the screen). Now I'm using ClickCell with checking that checkbox is not set:

isChecked = CInt(JavaWindow("Name1").JavaDialog("Name2").JavaTable("Name3").GetCellData(GetRow6, 1))
If isChecked = 0 Then
    JavaWindow("Name1").JavaDialog("Name2").JavaTable("Name3").ClickCell GetRow6, 1
End If
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