I am using Sikuli to automate a mainframe screen, I need to copy a text on screen and use that as input to another screen.

I cannot find any option on the SIKULI IDE to do the copy function.

My question is, is it possible at all to copy text ?

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Sikuli can extract text with OCR (optical character recognition) as described on this page: http://doc.sikuli.org/region.html#Region.text

Extracting Text from a Region class Region text() Extract the text contained in the region using OCR.

Returns: the text as a string. Multiple lines of text are separated by intervening ‘n’. Note: Since this feature is still in an experimental state, be aware, that in some cases it might not work as expected.

You might need to enable it first like described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19966942/ocr-in-sikuli-java

There is also an alternative: https://github.com/sarxos/sikuli-ocr

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