So im working with a team on Oculus Rift and gear VR apps and I started looking into testing automation. I was wondering if anyone else started looking into testing automation for VR apps. Specifically GUI since I think that will be the main problem considering the input devices.

We use Unity alongside Oculus sdk so far and we have looked into automating performance testing. Unity's profiler is a nice tool to check performance. We have some of our own checks in place. We need to automate them and much more.


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Automating software related functionality you can easily automate.

I guess, blocker will come when you want to take inputs from actual wearable. That can be resolved by below ways -

  • Simulate the action of wearable and generate out-put with the help of electronic boards [Same as wearable will generate]
  • If you decide not to go for above solution as of now, Then you need to follow inject methods [Limitation - Those should be perfectly matching with results generated by wearables]

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