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How to group test cases for filters in Grid? There are few filters options: dx popup with ranges and dx filters menu with list of parameters. How to do this on high level instead of describe every column and every filter option.

  • write test case with searching combinations, first search with each single field, then write for test case for searching with combination of fields.. Apr 25, 2016 at 7:48

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Initially start writing test cases with single filter with all the condition like 1. Exact match 2. Like with

Next start with a combination of fields in positive and negative condition with all combinations of filters in the grid.


As per my understanding It is look like some charts or report related application page.

Try with following approach :

1. Make BVT / Smoke scenarios :

  • First determine the smoke scenarios (which configuration is mostly used by client )

  • Ask help from Domain specific person / Product Owner / Experience tester in same product.

  • Make some test cases with only check single value in all the filters.

2. Write test case related to only one component :

  • Most of time development team use single code or component for all type of filter and other common development.

  • So just make single test case which check only any one component with all scenarios.

3. Use tool for test case generation :

  • Use following tool to generate category based testcases. Test Case Generation

  • Here test case cover each and every single scenario with all fields and all values as well.

4. Use automation :

  • After some extent of testing it would be very tedious task to check all scenarios.

  • So automate this scenarios for less risk of any component.

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