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I want to select "India (+91)" from dropdown

Can anyone help me with this?


It's simple, just you have to use Select method in WebDriver.

    WebElement countrydropdown=driver.findElement(By.id("country_id"));
    Select country=new Select(countrydropdown);
    country.selectByVisibleText("India (+91)");
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    Hi don't think select will work with non select tags. you can use select only with <select> tag i believe – PDHide Dec 10 '19 at 10:48

Use the below code:

WebElement countryUL= driver.findElement(By.xpath("//[@id='country_id']/ul"));
List<WebElement> countriesList=countryUL.findElements(By.tagName("li"));
for (WebElement li : countriesList) {
if (li.getText().equals("India (+91")) {
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