I want to know how and where to change the dashboard title and other content in jmeter 3.0 generated dashboard

  • were you able to generate dynamic title in dashboard?
    – sks
    Jul 15 '20 at 8:17
  1. To change the title add the following line to user.properties file:

    jmeter.reportgenerator.report_title=Your desired title
  2. You cannot change the content as it is being generated from result files. You can tune the representation of the existing content again by manipulating JMeter Properties which names start with jmeter.reportgenerator.


  • Thank you @Dmitri T for your valuable answer.But here I want to give the name dynamic.How can I achieve it. ex: "Report for 50 Users ...." etc..,
    – QAMember
    May 30 '16 at 5:16

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