I have some automated tests that I'm running using Jenkins.

I've Jenkins connected to my GitSwarm which pulls the code from my branch and then exectutes it.

I have installed the "Parallel Test Job Execution Plugin" for Jenkins.

In the plugin I have specified the tests to run in 3 batches


Is there anything else I should specify? I didn't think I would have to since I'm connecting to GitSwarm to run the code. The console output seems to state otherwise !

No record available, so executing everything in one place [parameterized-trigger] Current build has no parameters. ERROR: Build aborted. No projects to trigger. Check your configuration! TestNG Reports Processing: START Looking for TestNG results report in workspace using pattern: C:\jenkins\jobs\GIT_DVT\workspace\unisphere360\target\surefire-reports\ Did not find any matching files. Finished: FAILURE

Any help would be greatly appreciated, it does seem like an easy way to have tests running parallel so hopefully its only a small error.

Thanks, Colin.

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I have used a Build Flow plugin to create a Build Flow job.

Within the Build Flow job I was able to specify 3 other Maven Jobs to run parallel.

This meant I had 3 Maven jobs that where pointing to 3 different XML files that contained different test cases.

With the Build Flow job I was also to set these jobs to run parallel with each other, thus achieving 3 test XMLs to run parallel.

Just an answer for anyone looking for something similar.

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