I am using Mocha and Chai.js to test a function which executes git pull in a Terminal and I want to assert that it results in Already up-to-date.

How can I accomplish this? What is the best approach to take?

    var assert = require('chai').assert;
    var cmd = require('node-cmd');
    describe('DEAN-Management', function () {
        describe('Update source', function () {
            it('check for updates', function () {
                cmd.run('git pull');

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Try to capture the output from cmd.run(git pull');, e.g.

out = cmd.run('git pull');

then assert out.match('Already up-to-date.')

I don't know the exact syntax so adjust as needed.


I'm unfamiliar with that command line library you're using but at a glance... The documentation states that cmd.get(command, callback(data)) accepts a command string and returns the results that were output to the callback function. To use it in a test I'd do something like this where assert.include is a partial match of the string "data".

it('your test', function(){
  cmd.get('git pull', function(data){
    assert.include(data, 'Already up-to-date.', 'Optional success message')

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