Trying to retrieve the componentId as a variable from the response below using the CSS/JQuery Extractor in JMeter.

I'm successfully getting the componentId returned using

Expression: div#tab2-WidgetList span[componentType="portlet.application.widgets.monitorproxy"]  
Attribute: componentId

I could specify Match No. = 1 to return the first and Match No. = 2 to return the second, but I want to avoid hard coding it in case the order changes in the future.

I would like to return the value based off of the span elements of Test1 and Test2.

    <li class="tab">
        <table id="tab2" class="tabTable tabTableSelected" cellpadding="0" onmousedown="tab.Console.openView('tab2', 'NONE', 'NONE', true, false, '');">
                <td class="tabLeft">&nbsp;</td>
                <td class="tabCenter">
                    <span class="tabIconSpan"><img class="primaryTabIcon" src="/test/css/icons_24/Window View Large Icons.png"></span>
                    <span id="tab2Label" class="tabLabel">Dashboard</span>
                <td class="tabRight">&nbsp;</td>
        <div id="tab2-WidgetList" class="tabMenu">
                <span componentId="1234" componentType="portlet.application.widgets.monitorproxy" iconSource="/tabTest/css/icons_16/User1.png">Test1</span>
                <span componentId="9876" componentType="portlet.application.widgets.monitorproxy" iconSource="/tabTest/css/icons_16/User2.png">Test2</span>

JMeter is still pretty new to me, so I've been having some trouble getting this one down.

  • why don't you just use div#tab2-WidgetList span[iconSource ="/tabTest/css/icons_16/User2.png"]?
    – cakes88
    Jun 14, 2016 at 16:42

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You cannot select text value using CSS so I would recommend going for XPath Extractor instead.

The relevant XPath query will be something like:


Reference material:

  • thanks for pointing me in the right direction. XPath allowed me to get the value I was looking for with minimal hoops to jump through. What I ended up with was //div/span[text()='Test1']/@*[3]. Not sure why, but I wasn't able to extract the attributes by name.
    – Jon Foley
    Jun 15, 2016 at 15:02

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