Hi All when I am trying to build or clean the Maven project I got below error can any help me ?

Errors occurred during the build. Errors running builder 'Maven Project Builder' on project 'POM-SeleniumProject-MVN'. Could not initialize class org.apache.maven.index.ArtifactInfoenter image description here


@Mahesh, I have below suggestions:-

# Solution 1

  • Go to your eclipse installation folder
  • Run "eclipse.exe -clean"

# Solution 2

  • Uninstall Netbeans because Eclipse and Netbeans are both might using the same workspace

# Solution 3

  • Right click project, remove maven nature (or in newer eclipse, "Maven->Disable Maven Nature")
  • mvn eclipse:clean (with project open in eclipse/STS)
  • delete the project in eclipse (but do not delete the sources)
  • Import existing Maven project

# Solution 4

  • Properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries and removed the blue entries starting with M2_REPO.
  • After that, I could use Maven -> Update Project again

# Solution 5

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