I've got problem with some of my protractor tests. In short word, i need to check some numer of elements on my page with number from previous filter. When filter is clicked there should be displayed only A alements, B elements number should be 0.

I realized that protactor is waiting for long time when

  it('displays only wireless rows', function () {

  clientsPage.getWirelessTableRows().count().then(function (numwireless) {
    expect(numwireless).toEqual(wirelessCount);// in a second
  clientsPage.getWiredTableRows().count().then(function (numwired) {
    expect(numwired).toEqual(0);// 20-30 seconds


On this page I've got 0 elements that i get from getWiredTableRows and some from getWirelessTableRows()

This first expect is executing instantly, the second one is waiting for many second until it finally realizes that there is no such a element on the page .

Why protractor is waiting for some elements for appearing ? It only happens for me when there is 0 elements returned

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I only have experience with Selenium WebDriver, but most like Protractor has an implicit wait going on, which means it tries keep finding elements for a certain amount of time.

You'll probably need to turn this off (to 0), in order for the method to immediately return a value (similar issue for Selenium's FindElements method).

This could be of interest to you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33299567/where-to-put-implicitlywait-in-protractor

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