I have been learning Robot Framework with python. The basic idea is to make myself more employable.

I just started with RF because it was looking interesting but as I started to explore, I found very less jobs for RF.

How employable can RF make you in comparison to other open source automation frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG, Selenium, etc?

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It's not a tool that makes you more employable, it's your experience. Knowledge of some tool may give you some advantage but only if you have other skills. No one looks for a guy who can click around in Robot Framework or Selenium or TestNG. A guy who knows how to test (whatever tool is used) - that guy gets the job.

Learning RF will not make you less employable of course, but i would invest my time in more fundamental things such as theory of testing software.

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    Great answer. I would also invest into learning programming. Lot's of candidates are rejected because they can use a library but can write a simple loop. Plus once you can program thrn switching testing libraries is so much easier. – dzieciou Jul 11 '16 at 11:28

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