I'm looking to record automated tests against a web application using Selenium IDE.

I want to run these tests automatically against various environments.

Is this possible? From what I have read, I can export them and run them that way but I'm unsure about how to do this and what I would need.

I am essentially starting from scratch and have no experience with code.

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The simplest approach is to use the 'Base URL' in IDE.


The Base URL field at the top of the Selenium-IDE window is very useful for allowing test cases to be run across different domains. Suppose that a site named http://news.portal.com had an in-house beta site named http://beta.news.portal.com. Any test cases for these sites that begin with an open statement should specify a relative URL as the argument to open rather than an absolute URL (one starting with a protocol such as http: or https:). Selenium-IDE will then create an absolute URL by appending the open command’s argument onto the end of the value of Base URL.

Another approach is to save your test suite in different names after changing the Base URL upfront.

Like most programs, there are Save and Open commands under the File menu. However, Selenium distinguishes between test cases and test suites. To save your Selenium-IDE tests for later use you can either save the individual test cases, or save the test suite. If the test cases of your test suite have not been saved, you’ll be prompted to save them before saving the test suite. When you open an existing test case or suite, Selenium-IDE displays its Selenium commands in the Test Case Pane.

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