Below is my situation:

  • employed by a QA contract firm
  • have come to the end of my 8 week contract with current customers
  • need to pass on developed automated test framework and test cases to customers

Our customer's situation:

  • have no testers with programming background

What I am trying to deliver to our customers by the end of my contract:

  • Framework UML diagrams, showing how modules are tied together
  • Test case logic flow charts, showing how each test case is executed with details
  • A selenium cheat sheet like this one: https://www.simple-talk.com/dotnet/.net-framework/xpath,-css,-dom-and-selenium-the-rosetta-stone/
  • Page Object Model diagrams for each web page under test
  • examples showing how to write a new test, e.g. which files need to be edited,
  • examples showing how to diagnose a test failure, e.g. how to interpret common exceptions

  • create sample test scenarios to train customers' testers, supervise them to finish sample scenarios.

  • well documented / commented codes with detailed explanations.

  • A list of outstanding issues and if not fixed, their consequences; my recommendations regarding how to fix them.

Is there anything else I should add to my list?

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Seems ok, but you should add also the setup for the framework.

  • How to install the framework?
  • What do you need to execute a test/suite (Java installed, Selenium, any driver if needed)?
  • How to run smoke/regression (if you have a lot of tests)?
  • Additionally you could add a small documentation and/or links to online official documentation for: the framework, page object model documentation, w3schools CSS and x-path selectors if needed.
  • As a bonus you could add few personal tips and tricks like best practices, always to code review, always to check/run their code before submitting to any repository to avoid issues.

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