I am trying to Load test on the link:http://[dot4ap-mms-cr:8080/fms/Kernel/w_login.jsp]/

and getting this error message:

Expected closing bracket for IPv6 address at index 28

Please could you help


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Never put the whole URL into "Server Name or IP" input. It's better to configure HTTP Request Sampler as follows:

  • Server Name or IP: dot4ap-mms-cr
  • Port Number: 8080
  • Protocol: http
  • Path: /fms/Kernel/w_login.jsp

    HTTP Request Configuration

In the most recent JMeter versions (2.13 and 3.0) you can put the whole URL into Path input like:

HTTP Request Path Configuration

The recommended way of setting up application under test host, port and protocol is via HTTP Request Defaults configuration element.

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