I am using HP UFT version 12.5 and I have Google Chrome version 52.

I'm not sure if it supported by Chrome 52 version or not?

Please help, I am very new to it and kindly provide some tutorial link as well for the same.


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QTP/UFT vs Chrome Support Matrixenter image description here

Hope it helps

  • That i have seen before. So it wnt work with HP UFT 12.52? Sep 1, 2016 at 12:01

Iterations for Chrome are so fast these days that it is almost impossible for a company to keep pace with it. By the time HPE comes up with a support for new version of Chrome; Chrome has already advanced by 2 major versions.

HPE may not be publishing each and every time when a new Chrome versions launches but there are chances your version of UFT would work if it was working for near prior versions.

As per UFT/QTP: Browser Support Matrix for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape & Safari, UFT 12.52 supports Chrome v50 with Patch 1. So you may try with the same patch for Chrome v52.


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