It seems that Ranorex does not support Visual Studio very well. E.g. the .rxrep file is only compiled to code in Ranorex Studio but it won't be compiled to code in Visual Studio.

We have a very valuable tool chain in Visual Studio already (consisting of NCrunch, OzCode, Visual SVN, ReSharper, NDepend, dotTrace, Reflector and DevExpress) which I would not like to miss.

Is there a chance of making those plugins work in Ranorex Studio?

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Ranorex Studio is actually a customized version of SharpDevelop. There is a list of 3rd party SharpDevelop Plugins.

Since not even a single of our plugins is listed (and ReSharper is very popular, so someone must have noticed), it seems that the plugin API between SharpDevelop and Visual Studio is not compatible.

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