What are the key tasks and responsibilities of the Quality Engineering group in a modern Agile web development group?

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    Lisa Crispin perhaps? – Michael Durrant Oct 5 '16 at 23:58
  • Review application and test code PRs*
  • Document bugs in a bug tracking system
  • Pair with developers on new feature tests
  • Continually build business domain knowledge
  • Investigate and fix Intermittent test failures
  • Write new feature specs for existing functionality
  • Refactor existing tests to improve test code quality
  • Write and configure mobile specific test automation
  • Document procedures and workflows in wikis for all
  • Manually test staging before production deployments
  • Get feedback from real users to drive usability efforts
  • Develop tools and infrastructure to test mobile devices
  • Aid in defining and monitoring company quality metrics
  • Pair with developers on test plans for new features and bugs
  • Champion and evangelize good quality development practices
  • Contribute to Agile processes from Sprint Planning to Retrospectives
  • Champion good quality practices through presentations and Lunch and Learns
  • Champion and demonstrate accessibility and usability issues and good practices
  • Ensures all the testing quadrants are covered: Unit, Functional, Performance and Exploratory

* Pull Requests


Some of the different things I do on a regular basis other than standard 'QA'

  • Act as a flex developer
  • Review Check ins and monitor the code base
  • Groom stories
  • Focus the team's efforts
  • Optimize the team's time
  • Demonstrate changes to end users
  • Act as liaison for the team
  • Create release documentation
  • Create release procedure and steps
  • Verify release
  • Ensure backlog is clean and prioritized
  • Deep understanding of all stories (Business and Tech side)
  • Deep understanding of all integration points
  • Work with other teams regarding integrations
  • I know who Flex developer is, but "flex developer"? – dzieciou Oct 5 '16 at 12:47
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    A developer when needed essentially. – Paul Muir Oct 5 '16 at 13:02
  • Yeah there is Flex which is a powerful, open source application framework, but here we are just talking about flex as in flexibility, i.e. ability to change – Michael Durrant Oct 6 '16 at 11:21

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