Actually, I'm currently working on test automation to a project. I'm using Selenium Webdriver (Java) and TestNG. I have adapted page-object model in my coding and have integrated excel functionality to save test data on it.

Now, I want to integrate a test reporting to my test automation(cause it says that "test automation without reporting is nothing"). I know there's already a default reporting in TestNG.

But what I want to know is: what third-party test reporting should I use, XSLT or ExtentReports. What's the advantage of using the other one? Or should I start first using former and then proceed to the latter or vice versa?

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enter image description hereEXTENT REPORT

Extent Report is much better than XSLT Report.

In Extent Report, All information like who run the test when this test got passed, how much time does it took to get completed.

Major feature is the rich GUI it possess.

Also all the relevant details to the corresponding test can be provided make it pretty more easy for the person who is having a look into it.

A dashboard is there to view all these details in a single shell.

Apart from that its an opensource and can manage it pretty easily by a few lines of code.

I have been using several reports but now I felt confident with extent report as the person who looks into it should get a better feeling. Whatever be its result but he/she should get a vision to have look into it for a minute atleast. In that case it is very good.

Go with Extent Reports. you can download it from http://extentreports.relevantcodes.com/

It supports both java and .net.


I guess ExtentReports re more interactive than all others. The 1st impression on the test report will be fantastic for the reader(Client or Project manager).

As i believe 1st impression is the most important thing for any thing.

But on ExtentReports you have to do some extra codding by adding notes, steps and pass fail status. But i think it is worth doing it.

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