I found two ways of parameterize, Which one is correct from below

  1. Given Go to < url >

  2. Given Go to "url"

Angular brackets or double quotes, which is the right way of using?

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Neither. Please read the documentation: https://cucumber.io/docs/reference

  • The <> are used only for Scenario Outline examples.
  • The "" double-quotes are not really needed too parameterize, it just makes it easier to see and read what the parameter is in a sentence, but all the reference examples do not use them.

You have not mentioned in details how you have implemented or intent to be implemented. [I will suggest to have practice to add more details for your question.]

  • Seems you wanted to give input of URL to particular step
  • In both above step if you are directly going to keep actual URL then It will not make any major difference

Good practices:

  • What you can do for giving input of URL, you should provide it after/below your this step definition.

  • Instead of hard-coded value in step itself

  • Even better option would be if you can fetch that input from different test_data file

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