I am trying to execute in Oracle's Test Manager, an automatic test which I created in Oracle's OpenScript.

My script in OpenScript is executed successfully as you can see below:

OpenScript test execution

When I execute the same test in Test Manager, I get a Find Object timeout . You can see below the error:

Test Manager test execution

Because of this error, I have added the following event in my OpenScript test case and tried to execute it again from Test Manager. The error persists; the only change is that the time before the timeout increased to 300.

            "/web:window[@index='0' or @title='Checkout | Test Store']/web:document[@index='0']/web:img[@index='4' or @src='http://duckshop.scl.intra/duckshop/cache/6e12ca9108aae3731f906138977ccac52f2a38b5320x320_fwb.png']")

Why do I get this error?

UPDATE: As I have discovered only the first time the test is passed. I tried to use command line option while executing the test such as that no cookies will be stored or cache, but still I can't solve my problem.

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Remove the index attributes like @index='0' and waitForPage statements might fail if the page is loaded faster then your script.

Use waitForPage with 2 parameters and 2nd parameter value to be true:

web.window( “/web:window[@title=’Google’]”).waitForPage(200,true);

OR Use:

web.window( “/web:window[@title=’Google’]”).waitForPage(PAGEWAIT,true);

where PAGEWAIT is a global variable maintained at master script level.

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