I have a request that is being sent as a POST method, when the request comes back I need to extract the order_id and run the next transaction using the extracted order_id. My implementation is currently just returning a value of "0" when it should be the 15 character order_id. How do I extract the string from Jmeter?

Response in the body:

response_code=2 response_code_text=Missing required request field: Order ID. time_stamp=1479849486545 retry_recommended=false secondary_response_code=0 order_id=356005935614233 capture_reference_id=1 iso_code= bank_approval_code= bank_transaction_id= batch_id= avs_code= credit_card_verification_response= reference_id=1 bin= retrieval_reference_number= payer_identifier= system_trace_number= captured_amount=0.00 emv_data= bank_response_code=

My Implementation

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Looking into "RegExp Tester" window of the View Results Tree listener and using your response exactly as it appears at the page I would recommend using the following Regular Expression:



JMeter Regular Expression Extractor Demo

Check out Regular Expressions chapter of JMeter User Manual for entry level information on Regular Expressions.

Just in case your response is malformed, I would recommend using the same approach to test your Regular Expressions against real server response. See How to Debug your Apache JMeter Script article for details.

  • The expression statement works like a charm, my issue is that my script isn't assigning the value to the variable order_id.
    – DEnumber50
    Commented Nov 23, 2016 at 16:12

Based on what I see from your screen shot and description, change the "field to check" option to body and try the following regular expression:

order_id=(.*) capture_reference_id
  • this solution didn't work for me, my order_id is still pulling back as 0
    – DEnumber50
    Commented Nov 23, 2016 at 1:06

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