This is the path

 capabilities: {
        'browserName': 'chrome',
        'chromeOptions': {

            prefs: {
                download: {
                    'prompt_for_download': false,
                    'directory_upgrade': true,
                    'default_directory':  'src/test/javascript/e2e/downloads'

I download the file with this,


It downloads the file, but I am not able to check if it was downloaded. It has only count in name, so I can check if it contains count.

After all is done I will delete files, so only those files will stay after I download.

I did lots of things but could not manage.

First delete any already downloaded files in the download location:

 deleteAlreadyDownloadedFiles: function(){
      var filename = global.downloadsPath + '/fileName.extension';
      var fs = require('fs');
      if (fs.existsSync(filename))
        // delete if there is any existing file with same name


And perform the download action and then verify the file is downloaded or not:

 verifyFileDownload: function() {
  var filename = global.downloadsPath + '/fileName.extension';
    browser.driver.wait(function() {
      return fs.existsSync(filename);
    }, 30000).then(function() {
      console.log("Getting the ERROR while downloading file as file is not downloaded.");


This is how I did, in protractor+typescript using Jasmine. If anybody knows better implementation please do share.

First, do:

npm install download-file --save

Page Object:

const downloadsFolder = require('downloads-folder');
const fs = require('fs');

export class TestPage{

async verifyFileInDownloadsFolder(fileName: string) {
    await console.log('Getting users download path ' + downloadsFolder());
    const filePath = (downloadsFolder() + '\\' + fileName). replace(/\\/g, '/');
    await console.log('Getting the path ' + filePath);
    await browser.wait(async() => fs.existsSync(filePath), this.DEFAULT_WAIT_TIME_SECONDS * 1000, 'File never appeared!');
    await expect(fs.existsSync(filePath)).toBe(true,
      'Failed to download file: ' +  fileName + ' in user directory' + fullFilePath);
    await console.log('File download was successful');


Import {TestPage} from './projectpath.po'

describe('testsuite desc', ()=> { 
    let test: TestPage;
    beforeEach( async()=> {
        test = new TestPage();

    describe('test case name', ()=> {
        it('TC desc', async()=> {
            await test.verifyFileInDownloadsFolder(abc.docx);
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