I am looking for a way to fail a build if it will take more than X time (be it absolute (5 minutes -- example) or relative (10% more than the average of the last 5 builds -- example).

Is there any plugin to do that or should I build such functionality onto my running scripts?

I've been searching for plugins but couldn't find one that will mark a build as fail, only report build times.


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There is a build timeout plugin:

This plugin allows you to automatically abort a build if it's taking too long. Once the timeout is reached, Jenkins behaves as if an invisible hand has clicked the "abort build" button.

  • I have totally overlooked the fact that this plugin can actually mark the build as failed (the description and docs only talk about 'abort'). I'll try this one!
    – Daniel
    Commented Dec 6, 2016 at 16:54

A similar question was asked on SO.

You can use a code timeout if your workflow steps are scripts. Otherwise, the Build Timeout plugin might do the trick.

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