We have a Desktop App which has been built using electron and is chrome underneath. We want an automation tool for it. Could anybody tell me what are the options to automate it?

I found Spectron which is developed by Electron community only. However I am not getting anything how to start. I am not getting any good documentation or YouTube videos. Please help.


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You can find a code example on the official Github page To get started, have a look at this code snippet:

# Install Spectron
$ npm install --save-dev spectron

A simple test to verify a visible window is opened with a title

var Application = require('spectron').Application
var assert = require('assert')

var app = new Application({
  path: '/MyApp'

app.start().then(function () {
  return app.browserWindow.isVisible()
}).then(function (isVisible) {
  // Verify the window is visible
  assert.equal(isVisible, true)
}.catch(function (error) {
  console.error('Test failed', error.message)

This is an extract taken from the official site.

You want to install chai and chai-as-promised as well.

npm install --save-dev chai
npm install --save-dev chai-as-promised

Chai is a BDD / TDD assertion library for node and the second one extends it with assertions about promises.


Along with other answers as mentioned, i will suggest Jasmine framework for spectron. I have tried mocha but faced some issues during automation.

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