I have been a tester for an eCommerce company startup in the travel business, doing mostly Manuel testing which I found quite boring. Over the last 8 months (my first job as a QA) and over these 8 month I have been warned once that I need to improve or I will be let go, which I did.

Yesterday I was notified that my performance had gotten very bad again which surprised me because I was told I was doing good up to a month a go and wasn't given any feedback to indicate that I am getting worse.

I have my doubts about the validity of that since there was no warning + the company just went into it's second round of fundraising and has been removing a lot of people over past month. 6 out of the 27 workers to be exact.

I have been quite shaken by the situation because I take my job very much to heart and am sorry to say that it hurt my confidence in my testing skills.

So now that I have explained the situation to my question.

Should I try to find another job in QA or call it a day with this profession or am I overreacting and just taking this failure a bit too much to heart? I feel like I know the answer to this but I wanted to hear from people with more experience than I do.

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Your doubts are reasonable. It also may be that the requirements have been raised quietly. Never a good sign that.

To know where to go, best ask feedback from the developers/testers you work with. Get a second opinion from someone you trust, who knows you and who has no hidden agenda to be other than honest.

And work on plan B in any case, as it seems your days are numbered. And you as a resource are not sufficiently appreciated to stay.

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