I am a beginner in testing and QA world. I am using JMETER (.jmx script) to perform automated functional testing on magento 1.9.

So far, everything is working good for me, but having issues on checkout requests with 403 Forbidden. I have googled and found that form_key is creating issue. Because form_key is being generated dynamically.

I want to know, how to extract form_key parameter from the first response and pass it with the next request on magento checkout ?

So far, I have tried using CSS/Jquery Extractor to extract form_key but I don't know how to use this in next request. It would be really helpful if anyone can suggest good solutions to solve 403 Forbidden issue on magento checkout.

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As per CSS/JQuery Extractor documentation

Reference Name

The name of the JMeter variable in which to store the result.

So if you configure CSS/JQuery Extractor like:

CSS JQuery JMeter Magento

You will be able to refer the extracted value as ${FORM_KEY} where required, i.e.

Magento Post Request



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