I have found the following question in an ISTQB Foundation Level exam sample paper.

Q13. ________ and ________ are used within individual workbenches to produce the right output products.

  • A. Tools and techniques
  • B. Procedures and standards
  • C. Processes and walkthroughs
  • D. Reviews and update

The correct answer is given as B. Procedures and standards

But my belief is that both A & B are correct because Tools, Techniques, Procedures as well as Standards can be used by an individual employee who works in their own workbench.

Can anyone think of a particular reason why only the answer B is correct?

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Tools and techniques allow you to test in a specific way (depending on the tool, or on which technique used).

They will produce correct output (as in: the product has been verified correctly by using such a tool/technique).

Procedures and standards make sure every individual will test in a similar manner (regardless of which tools/technique is used - or even better: guiding the individual to use specific techniques).

They will produce the correct output products (as in, for example: test management wants certain reports on certain types of tests run; audit needs to have a paper trail on tests executed in a conform manner, ...)


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