For example local, qa, and production.

Each of them has different URL. So I expect to contain something in URL. So I need to take some parameter from console where I run the protractor.

I run protractor like:

gulp protractor

in spring boot.

Each of the environments has different account name so when I run gulp protractor, I need to put account name as parameter:

gulp protractor local accountname

Is that possible?

Or do I have to create 3 different protractor.conf to run for each environment which has different methods for different methods?

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    You can always write three different gulp tasks that pass in different variables for baseurl, username and password. Example gulp protractor-local, gulp protractor-qa or gulp protractor-production
    – sonhu
    Dec 23, 2016 at 14:22

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I was able to accomplish this using a gulp task that accepted an argument representing the environment. You can configure gulp tasks to accept arguments using a tool like yargs and work with Protractor using gulp-protractor

I used this to switch out the baseUrl in the protractor config. Example:

const protractor = require("gulp-protractor").protractor;

gulp.task('protractor', () => {
  const argv = require('yargs')
     .default('env', 'local')
  return gulp.src(path_to_tests)
    .pipe(gulpif(argv.env === 'test', protractor({
      configFile: 'path_to_config',
      args: ['--baseUrl', env.testUrl]
 .on('error', function(e) {throw e; });

Then I could run the tests using gulp protractor --env test

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