I have Ranorex 6.2.0 and I want to automate SAP. I already followed the instructions, so I have

  • SAP scripting enabled on server side (transaction RZ10, sapgui/user_scriptingto TRUE)
  • restarted the server
  • SAP scripting enabled in SAPLogon
  • restarted the client

However, when I run the test, I get an error

This control (from process 'saplogon') seems to be a Windows Forms control, but was not recognized as such, possibly due to a security limitation. UI element identification capabilities for this control may be limited.

If this control is a WinForms control, please make sure that the automating process has the rights to access the automated application. Otherwise, please ignore this limitation. Process: 'saplogon' (pid 3532)

The following website provides more information on this technology limitation: http://www.ranorex.com/support/user-guide-20/technology-instrumentation/general-troubleshooting.html#c3250

I have checked all the relevant reasons in the linked website, but could not find a solution. How do I make Ranorex recognize SAP?

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Go to the Windows Control panel, Add/Remove programs, then click Change.

Change Installation

Next, go to the custom setup and uncheck the item "Ranorex Exe Manifest files". Note how the text mentions that this shall not be installed for SAP automation.

Restart the PC.

Ranorex Setup

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